Dana F.

       Our WHOLE family had so much fun at our photo shoot, Richard! You made us feel so comfortable. I can't believe how open and uninhibited our usually reserved son was in front of your camera. You must have photographer super-powers. :>) We absolutely LOVE the photographs; you truly captured our individual personalities as well as our family spirit. Thanks to you and your wife for making it such a wonderful experience!

James F.

       Hey friends! If you were at the wedding all 1500+ wedding photos we have are posted here - (removed for privacy) , feel free to download and print any of the ones that you are in or want.

We want to give a HUGE thanks to Richard and Jill Rutter who did the photography, they did an excellent job and were everywhere on Saturday capturing way more the event then either one of us got to see first hand. They are an awesome couple that were great to work with all around.

If you happen to need a photographer, you can reach Richard on his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/RC-Rutter-Author-Photographer/177428945603203 or on his website here: http://www.rcrutter.com/.See More

Sandy M.

       She likes it! Woo-hoo! Great work!

Alonzo F.

       Great photos! Thanks so much! We both are enjoying them immensely